Community Organising

Community organising takes many forms. The people at describe community organising as "the work of building relationships and networks in communities to activate people and to create social and political change through collective action". Intimately connected to everyday places and experiences this building work has a vast history, geography and demographic.

For too long community organising has tended to be viewed by some as less important than the type of organising that takes place in the workplace or the high corridors of political power. But for those at the front line of community organising, the community centre, the local library, the sports centre, cafe and the front room of the neighbour's house are important points on the democratic journey towards a safer, freer and more equal society. The posts in this theme foreground the work of community organisers across the the UK and beyond. As always, we at are keen to hear your thoughts and your stories.

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Valerie Wright

Community Activism in Castlemilk, Part 1

John Cooper and Jean Devlin, Castlemilk, 01/05/2015

Jean Devlin on the Castlemilk

Anti-Bedroom Tax Campaign 


Valerie Wright

Castlemilk Community Activism, Part 2


Paul Griffin asks 'what

remains of the Red Clydeside?'